Character Sketches

Personal Project I work on in my spare time.
Random Study







Young magician girl trying to find her way home.
Random Sketching. Idea exploring


Trying out some cartoon face experiments with the same character from cartoony to slightly more realistic or in different styles.
Pose And Character Sketches for fun. I do a lot of these.


Blue Bear the Rockstar Bear. A play on Monsters Inc.




Fish Knight Sketch








Environment Quick Sketches/Studies (10-30 min)

I usually like to warm up in the morning with either some quick character sketches
or some environment sketches. These are quick 10-30 minute sketches I normally
dont show anyone but its alright. These are done from imagination rather than life
and my aim isnt realism but instead just to relax myself and have fun before a work day.
More Quick 10-30 Minute sketches from imagination.
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3D Animation Fun

Just having some fun animating some of my  3d characters in my spare time. Also some of it is student work too.  3d animation really is ALOT of fun!

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

Number 6 -Pretty Old but still fun to look at for me. I believe I used Pixar’s Renderman to render this and used Maya’s ncloth for the secondary cloth movement.

Number 7 – Layout Example. Slightly old. I would have made a few camera changes now a days but it’s funny to look at, and a good layout example.

A second example using a different mood.

Works in Progress (1 to 3 day sketches)

These are just sketches I did for fun on my free time, most taking less than a day. Just for fun. I have many of these types of works on my computer but I’ll show these at the moment.

For this sketch…..

I get the feeling Huey doesn’t like Obama, have you watched the Boondocks new season 3? Who better to team up with than Bush. Im rotting for Obama to win this fight.

I lost the final painting in my harddrive crash but had some early shots left like this.

This is the first 5 hour sketch I ever made that I actually was proud of.

7 hour sketch.

Defend The Castle (Dragon Lion)

Bleach Band.

How I would draw Sonic.

Sonic wasnt fast enough to save Amy (she’s alive) but he’s too cool to cry so he wears the shades to hide the tears.

Guardian helps a little girl spirit who accidentally got stuck in limbo find her way home.

For the movie “Inception”.


In an effort to rid of a mass of enemies from earth Galactus expands the moon and sends it on a course to crush the earth in a blaze.

Prayers are heard from the people as they watch the sky light on fire. Some believe it is Revelations and embrace each other in their last moments of life.

But wait…whats that on top of that building in the sky? The Hulk.. is he trying to stop the moon! I know the Hulk is strong but can he truly out strength an entire planet? Hulk our fates are in your hand…We believe in you, but Hulk just how strong are you?

Two Guardian Wolves assigned to protect a weapon designed to vanquish evil spirits and protect the human world hunt down the thief who stole the sacred sword right underneath their noses. The chase ends up in the snowy forest. The thief, just a young human boy hides in the trees undetected. But why would a human child steal the very tool needed to save his own kind the wolves wonder. Mystified at the snow track pattern the thief left behind, the Gray Wolf  ponders the situation for a brief second, when suddenly…

A fun board test for Disney’s Kick Buttowski