NOTE: CGArena asked me to do a tutorial for this one, check it out if you’d like.

In an effort to rid of a mass of enemies from earth Galactus expands the moon and sends it on a course to crush the earth in a blaze.

Prayers are heard from the people as they watch the sky light on fire. Some believe it is Revelations and embrace each other in their last moments of life.

But wait…whats that on top of that building in the sky? The Hulk.. is he trying to stop the moon! I know the Hulk is strong but can he truly out strength an entire planet? Hulk our fates are in your hand…We believe in you, but Hulk just how strong are you?

Two Guardian Wolves assigned to protect a weapon designed to vanquish evil spirits and protect the human world hunt down the thief who stole the sacred sword right underneath their noses. The chase ends up in the snowy forest. The thief, just a young human boy hides in the trees undetected. But why would a human child steal the very tool needed to save his own kind the wolves wonder. Mystified at the snow track pattern the thief left behind, the Gray Wolf  ponders the situation for a brief second, when suddenly…

A fun board test for Disney’s Kick Buttowski…

Also some screencaps/inked lines from this personal student flash animation project I was working on called Sky.



Just playing around with some animation in my spare time. Nothing too serious just having fun.


Just a fan animation piece I did for one of my favorite animated shows Kick Buttowski. I never quit finished the animation as high quality as I wanted because the whole thing was sorta rushed (about 8 weeks from idea creating, character design, storyboard, sound to animation ), and it’s the first time I ever mixed music myself before. Very fun piece. Go check it out, and check out the show on Disney XD. Good Animation.

And here are most of the background paintings I did for the short. I never finished the paintings because of my deadline but they captured  a good feeling. Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont judge my animation skills off this short. I had to do everything from concept, audio, storyboard, animation, clean up, color, everything by myself in just 8 weeks so alot of things suffered and were incomplete/rushed. My main goal was just to just have something to show for Kick Buttowski. Thanks for looking


Just having some fun animating some of my  3d characters in my spare time. Also some of it is student work too.  3d animation really is ALOT of fun!

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

Number 6 -Pretty Old but still fun to look at for me. I believe I used Pixar’s Renderman to render this and used Maya’s ncloth for the secondary cloth movement.

Number 7 – Layout Example. Slightly old. I would have made a few camera changes now a days but it’s funny to look at, and a good layout example.

A second example using a different mood.

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